Fall Junior Academy Programs


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Back-to-school Special = 3 PA Day Camps for the price of 2!  Limited time offer…

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Family Summer Fitness Challenge

Hand-eye coordination Activities

Spending time together with your family or finding ways to have your family engage with each other can be difficult for some families.

Here’s a way to do both, as well as stay active over the summer!

Start a family fitness challenge….

Make a chart and track the types of physical activity each family member completes each week. Make a point to have at least one family activity each week as well. It could be a bike ride with everyone, or going swimming.

What’s perfect about this challenge is that...

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Summer Camp Success

Multi-sport programs for kids Mississauga

The Junior Academy’s multi-sport summer camp for kids ages 2-5 began this week in Oakville/Mississauga.

Toddlers have been having fun all week learning and exploring a variety of sports.

The Junior Academy summer camp at the Sports Training Academy is a perfect way to keep your little one active over the summer. Full days are great for kids who are already very active, and are used to being at school/daycare, while half-days are great for those who are new to organized activities.

Soccer, baseb...

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Finally a sports summer camp for toddlers!

Sport programs for toddlers Oakville and Mississauga - Junior Academy

Multi-sport camp for 2-5 year olds

Summer is coming up faster than everyone thinks. If you’re looking for something to keep your little ones active and healthy this summer, look no further than the Junior Academy’s summer camp.

Our summer camp offers multi-sport instruction for kids ages 2-5 years of age. Camps can be half days (mornings or afternoon) or full days, and will allow your kids to try their hand at a variety of sports.

Check out the Summer Camp tab for more information on registratio...

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Body and Brain

Sport and exercise programs for children aged 2-5 at the Junior Academy

Physical activity, whether it be through free play or organized sports, is known for its health benefits in adults and children alike. Achieving the daily recommended 60 minutes of physical activity can help reduce the chance of developing detrimental health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, but what is less focused on these days is the effect that physical activity has on the developing mind and academic performance.

Here are some of the benefits children can gain from physical activ...

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Getting Active is as Easy as ABC

Sport and exercise programs for children aged 2-5 at the Junior Academy

Sport Field Trips are a success for Schools in Mississauga and Oakville

On Friday May 31 the Sports Training Academy welcomed 64 students from ABC Montessori in Mississauga for a morning of sport fun! Field trips at the STA are geared towards keeping kids active, teaching them a new skill, and having fun! ABC students had the chance to learn a bit about soccer, baseball, hockey and gymnastics/fitness...

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Social Benefits of Sport Participation

Childrens Sport introduction

As a kid I dabbled in a few sports. Tball, gymnastics, soccer; a decent mix of individual and team sports. As I got older, I started playing more sports: volleyball, squash, tennis, running. Each sport has taught me something different about myself and I’ve learned a variety of life skills from each one.

Sport participation can build a child’s character, but it is also integral in developing social skills and interactions, especially for toddlers...

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Rainy Day Activities

Fundamental sports introduction

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snooring….

It’s so easy to curl up infront of the tv or computer on rainy days like we had yesterday, but here are a few ideas for activities to keep your little kids moving instead!

Sports all have a variety of components which, when mastered, lead to the success of an athlete. You can break the skills down into fundamentals and teach them to children through fun and engaging activities where they wont even know they’re learning a sport specific skill!

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Field Trip Fun

Sport and exercise programs for children aged 2-5 at the Junior Academy

Sport and Exercise Field Trip for 2-6 year olds

Last Friday April 12  the Junior Academy welcomed 55 JK SK students from Trafalgar Ridge Montessori for a fun filled field trip.

The two hour field trip saw the children getting excited about learning a new sport. Trying something new, jumping, kicking, throwing, getting active, and down right having fun was the aim of the game for these toddlers!

Students participated in hockey, soccer, baseball, gymnastics and obstacle courses...

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Hit the Ground Running

Kids sport Oakville

I have recently registered for the Mississauga Marathon 10km run, and it got me thinking. I love running now, but as a kid I hated it. I thought it was boring, and I was never very good at it. I could play an entire game of soccer and have no problem, but ask me to run for 10 minutes, and I was exhausted...

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